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Engine manufacturing

In partnership with SERMAT (Electrical Machines for Aeronautics), SOTEREM develops, qualifies and industrializes embedded electromechanical actuators.

With the support of our R&D department, we select the optimal architecture that takes into account environmental constraints, operating performance, reliability and serial cost objectives. We are perfectly autonomous in the design and development of motors, reducers, torque limiters, brakes, position sensors, control and servo electronics necessary for the required function.


Motor with/without gearbox

Description :

We master all electrical drive technologies:

  • Step by step motor;
  • Brushed DC motor;
  • Synchronous motor with permanent magnets (or BLDC);
  • Asynchronous motors;

Example of technical specifications :

  • For rotational speeds from a few rad,s-1 to several tens of thousands of rpm
  • Torque from a few millinewton meters to several N.m

Rotary or linear actuators servo controlled in position, speed, torque or force

  • Position control: a few tenths of a millimeter to several micron at the end of the stroke.
  • Speed control: from a few rad.s-1 to several tens of thousands of RPM.
  • Torque: from a few milinewton meters to several hundred N.m
  • Strength: from a few newtons to several hundred kN.

Electromagnets, electromagnetic brake, magnetic torque limiter, magnetic speed limiter

Any type of solenoid integrated or not in our actuators associated with a magnetic circuit to achieve either a movement (electromagnet, electromagnetic suction cup) or a protection or braking function with or without contact (wear-free) such as an electromagnetic brake, torque or speed limiter.

Ecrou séparateur

Non-explosive separator nut

Since 2011, SOTEREM has been developing a line of ultra-low impact non-explosive separator nuts based on a patent acquired in 2009. These mechanisms are proposed as an alternative to existing explosive separation products.