What are we committed about ? To find solutions that suits our customers needs in terms of design, development, manufacture and integration of electro-mechanisms, electric motors and complex equipment for the space, nuclear, defence and aeronautics industries.

The beginning

Founded in 1975, SOTEREM started its activity by producing experimental devices for nuclear research (CEA).

Specialist in complex experimental devices, electro-mechanics, engines and AIT for the first tier of space, nuclear, aeronautics and defence, SOTEREM relies on a team composed of 40% engineers and managers and 60% qualified technicians and operators.

Our multidisciplinary approach, our ability to produce unitary models, small or medium series as well as our expertise allow us to adapt quickly to new challenges and to offer you the most appropriate solution to your constraints. Whether technical or financial.

With a design office, a manufacturing workshop (machining/boilermaking/welding/soldering), several laboratories (integration/clean room/control/testing), competent and experienced personnel, a robust EN 9100 management system, selected partners and recognized experience, SOTEREM supports you throughout your project by giving your ideas the resources to be carried out.

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Supporting our customers


Business managers for each fields and technical experts are involved at at the very beginning of the project. A dedicated project team is created from the moment the contract is finalised, ensuring a technical, quality and contractual interface.


A global solution


From development to delivery, we at SOTEREM can rely on :

  • An R&D pole
  • A design office
  • The ability to develop our own internal processes (bonding, soldering, welding, integration, etc.)or our own test benches
  • Assembly/integration and testing in-house or at our customers’ premises
  • Precision machining
  • A network of privileged partners
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Our knowledge of experimental devices, electro mechanisms and AIT


Since 1975 SOTEREM:

  • Develops, designs and/or integrates and tests equipment (engines and electro-mechanisms), complex ground and on-board experimental devices in the fields of space, defence, nuclear and aeronautics
  • Manufactures boiler-worked/welded/soldered equipment for the defence and aeronautics industries


Our flexibility


Our management system can handle unitary, small or medium series production in our 3 business sectors, as well as in-house AIT , in a controlled atmosphere, in a grey room or at our customers’ premises (by deploying autonomous project teams).

Ability to manage staff Ramp up (Multidisciplinary staff – recruitment and training – GME)

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Experienced professionals


  • 40% of engineers and managers,
  • 60% of technicians and qualified operators,

A competent and loyal staff, a process of sustaining and improving skills to perpetuate and increase our expertise.


Robust quality management system


A certified EN 9100 quality management system supported by management and deployed throughout the company.

A mastery of the standards EN 9100 ISO 9001, RCCMX, RCCMRX, ECSS.

Business breakdown


SOTEREM’s activity can be broken down as follows :

  • Space : 30%
  • Nuclear : 30%
  • Aeronautics and Defence : 30%
  • Industry : 10%