Pictogramme mot

For fifteen years, Soterem has designed, developed and industrialized electrical motors for space and nuclear applications. Our motors, delivered in pancake or “frameless” configuration (rotor and stator delivered separately) have been studied and qualified to operate in harsh environment (space vacuum, highly irradiated environment, cryogenic applications, …) and to answer to all specific needs (mass, dimensions, performances) of our customers.

We support you from the design/conception phase until the delivery of the finished product to develop a motor which fits to your specific needs. Based on the strong craftsmanship of our personnel, and with the support of a small group of local subcontractors rigorously selected, we have the capability to produce brushless, stepper or brushed motors in small and medium series.

Brushless motors


This kind of motor is currently the most manufactured by Soterem. Our experience with those motors allow us to tailor to our customers’ requirements to cover a wide range of applications with motors of various masses (from 500 to 7200 gr) and sizes (from Ø90 to Ø350 mm).

A few examples of applications :

  • Operation in cryogenic environment: down to -170°C
  • Torque motors: output torque up to 20 Nm
  • Inertia wheel: inertia = 0,025 kg.m²
  • Operation in highly irradiated environment: up to 44 MGy
  • Operation in harsh environment: space vacuum with temperature range from -50 to +100 °C / immersion in water at 350°C under a pressure of 200 bar

Stepper motors: 


For several years, Soterem has also developed and qualified stepper motors for space applications. For specific requirements in some mechanism, Soterem can also associate his stepper motors with Hysteresis brakes which are also developed in-house.

Example of technical specifications :

  • Dimensions: < Ø70 mm
  • Mass: < 500 g
  • Steps per turn: up to 360.
  • Holding torque: up to 1,1 Nm
  • Power consumption: < 6W

Brushed motor :


For a specific requirement, Soterem also developed a sealed brushed motor able to work properly in space environment.

Example of technical specifications :

  • Dimensions: Ø71*96 mm
  • Mass: < 750g
  • Torque constant: 0,16 Nm/A
  • Power consumption: < 1W