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Since its creation in 1975, SOTEREM’s expertise in integration and testing has been applied to numerous projects in the field of space ILM.


SOTEREM ensures this expertise by relying on:

  • A team of experienced technicians in assembly, integration and testing;
  • Integration laboratories, including several grey rooms and a clean room (ISO 8);
  • A set of equipment to carry out a wide range of tests (vacuum chambers, ovens, leak tests, pressure, mechanical and electrical test equipment, etc.).

For its needs in the nuclear and space fields, SOTEREM has developed and qualified a variety of special processes, mainly in the field of assembly.

Our missions :

  • Mechanical and thermal integration tasks (optical if required)
  • Configuration tasks for environmental tests
  • Transverse quality assurance adapted to each lot
  • Design and manufacture of parts and demonstrators
  • MGSE / EGS design

Regardless the intervention type (support, expertise, firm commitment to a task or commitment of resources), SOTEREM identifies the following technical and human qualities as essential:

  • Know-how and rigour related to the space AIT profession in the fields of electrical, mechanical, quality assurance and functional verification
  • Good communication skills, good human contact skills,
  • Teamwork, (or autonomy depending on the task),
  • Adaptation to work constraints in staggered schedules,
  • Technical versatility,
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize,
  • Responsiveness,
  • Team management in remote.