Nuclear sector

SOTEREM has been working with the major nuclear contractors for more than 40 years.
The construction codes RCC-M, RCC-MX and RCC-MRx have been in use for more than 10 years.

2 product families are available:
– experimental devices, irradiated or not
– electromechanical motors and actuators

On customer design or new development, our goal is to find the best technical solution.


Our Expertise

We support our customers throughout the entire development of their product, from design to acceptance tests.

  • Assemblage

    SOTEREM designs and manufactures complex instrumented assemblies, integrating high added value processes: welding of highly integrated assemblies, brazing of sealed passages, forming and connection of instrumentation (thermocouples, heating elements, collectors,…), metal projections, bonding.

    These assemblies range from 1mm to 300mm in diameter for lengths up to 6m.

  • Motors and actuators

    SOTEREM offers custom-made electromechanical motors and actuators working in harsh environments: temperature, pressure, irradiation, immersion.

    -> motor or control mechanism for reactor control rods
    -> handling movements

Products highlights

  • Furnaces and instrumented irradiation devices
  • Sample holders
  • Instrumental loops: cold loops, hydraulic characterization models
  • Underwater lines, pool crossings
  • Test benches
  • Reactor control rods
  • Release electromagnet
  • High irradiation motorization (several MGy)
  • Severe environmental motorization (hundreds of bars, < 400°C)