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Our assemblies

SOTEREM designs and manufactures complex instrumented assemblies by the use of high value-added processes:

  • welding of highly integrated assemblies
  • soldering of watertight passages
  • instrumentation forming (thermocouples, heating elements, collectors,…).

SOTEREM started in 1975 with the integration of irradiation devices for the CEA and produces that kind of devices ever since.


Irradiation furnace

Description :

Tubular furnace for temperature modulation of devices to be irradiated.

References  : CHOUCA, CALIPSO

Technical specifications :

  • temperature control from 250°C to 400°C
  • double tubular casing
  • Thermocouples for temperature control
  • fine instrumentation management
  • metallic hot spraying (projection) on heating elements to improve conductivity

Irradiation devices

Description :

Devices involved in the core of experimental reactors

References  : specimen holders, refrigeration tubes,…

Technical specifications :

  • mechanically welded slender assembly (up to 6m long)
  • 1mm to 300mm diameter
  • stainless steel, aluminium, zircaloy, inconel…
  • instrumentation forming
  • Hermetic feedthrough (helium leak tested)
  • Codes : ESP, ESPN
  • Standards :RCCM, RCC-MX, RCC-MRx

Instrumented experimental devices

Description :

Mechanically welded or mechanically screwed instrumented assemblies

Références : for research organizations, laboratories

Characteristics :

  • customer-specific design
  • thermocouples, heating elements, heaters, pressure measurements, etc.
  • implementation and development of special processes when required